Dog Training and How It Helps In Overcoming The Fears Of Your Pet

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Canines are considered a man’s best friend, and they have repeatedly proven the same. We hear stories of brave canines rescuing or helping people on a regular basis, but this does not mean they aren’t afraid of anything.

They do have their shares of fears; for instance, loud noises or bangs of a firecracker seem frightening to dogs, or even large gatherings/crowds can make your dog uncomfortable/scared.

But with the help of the right training, we can help our best friends be less fearful and more cheerful.

Common Phobias for Canines

Although we cannot specify each different kind of phobia, canine phobias can be broken down into four broad categories.

Situational Phobia

This refers to temporary situations that canines don’t understand. For instance, separation anxiety is an example of this point. You may leave your dog in the house when you go out to get groceries, but he would not understand that you will be back in a matter of 30/40 mins.

This creates confusion and fear, which is often displayed through aggressive behavior like barking, chewing, or taking a leak within the confines of the house.

Sound Phobias

This is another common phobia for dogs; it can range from a thunderstorm to firecrackers. Canines, in general, do not like loud noises.

These loud noises may not seem like much to us, but don’t forget, a dog’s ear is 2-3 times more sensitive than ours. This means loud noises hurt their ears, so it is not surprising to see canines fear loud noises.

Blood Injection Phobias

This is similar to humans fearing injection needles. The main difference is that a human knows the injection is safe and is being used for his own good, but that’s not the case with a canine.

Furthermore, the circumstances around getting an injection aren’t too helpful either; from car rides to being around other dogs, it all accumulates into a fear of injections.

Fear of Strangers

This point applies to quite a lot of rescued dogs. It stems from their prior experiences with humans where they were abused and ill-treated. Over the course of time, it turns into a fear of strangers and humans.

Dog Training: How Can It Help?

The first and foremost thing you must know is that canines are extremely smart; they have the ability to learn new behavioral traits.

The most common and effective way of doing this is by giving them a lot of appreciation and even a few treats. This way, your canines can learn new traits easily.

But how?
There are several reasons why it can help a dog overcome its fears.

As a dog owner, you should understand that dogs are extremely distracted, and the simplest of things can take their attention away from something important. Distraction also plays a role in their fear.

Thus, with the help of training, we can help them be less distracted and help them root themselves in reality, and this helps in making them more confident as well. One other reason why dog training is effective is that dogs need physical and mental stimulation; without it, they start to go absolutely nuts.

By helping them understand reality with the help of training, we can help dogs overcome many irrational fears. For starters, we can help them not be scared of the vets as it is for their benefit. You can do that by taking them to the vet in a casual manner, don’t force them. It will take time, but they need to understand that it’s not harmful, and only then will it stop fearing the vet.

But if you drag or force the dog, the fear multiplies. This is how dog training helps the dogs overcome fear. By making them confident and focused.

Having your dog trained can help it live a much better life, no doubt?


From making it obedient to making it a less fearful of things, your canine will live his best life. Furthermore, your bond with the dog will strengthen and there are several more benefits of dog training. Identifying the best method for your friend will do good to both.

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