Most Asked Questions

What factors are to be considered while creating a play area for children?

Capacity and play themes should be considered when creating a play area for children in early childhood. It is important to plan the layout and choose age-appropriate equipment.

How much does a playground cost?

No two playgrounds are ever the same. The cost may vary depending upon the types of equipment you choose, the location of the playground and the space available.

What is age-appropriate playground equipment?

Children in different age groups have different play needs. We offer playground equipment for different age groups to support their growth and learning in their respective childhood phases.

What equipment does a modern playground have?

Modern playgrounds have recreational equipment that promotes children's growth, imagination and creativity. They enable physical strength and cognitive abilities.

Do we offer custom playground equipment?

Yes, Saltire offers custom playground equipment and takes pride in meeting your needs most appropriately through a flexible and personalized approach.

What makes our playground equipment safe?

All our playground equipment is certified and follows safety guidelines. We take care of all physical considerations to provide a safe free play environment.

Why is age-appropriate play equipment important?

Age-appropriate play equipment ensures children's safety and enhances their cognitive, creative and imaginative abilities.

What is some appropriate play equipment for 2-5-year-old children?

Climbing equipment, monkey bars, slides and spiral slides, Merry-go-round, balance beams and spring riders are some of the most popular and suitable play equipment for your 2 to 5-year-old.

What are inclusive play playgrounds?

Playgrounds that are designed keeping all children in mind are inclusive play playgrounds. They meet the needs of children with disabilities and special needs.

What is the suitable play equipment for the children under two?

Swings with bucket seats, single file step ladder, 32 inches or less climbing equipment and spring riders are some suitable play equipment for two years old.

What play equipment will suit the needs of a five-year-old?

Belt swings, vertical sliding poles, arch climbers, monkey bars, sea-saws and climbing equipment with flexible parts can engage the curiosity of a five-year-old apart from providing recreational fun.

How age-appropriate play equipment helps in children's growth?

Age-appropriate playgrounds are specially designed to meet a child's mental capacity. Such equipment stimulates their curiosity and enhances their response to the stimuli.

Do all play equipment by Saltire meet the safety standards?

Yes, we follow the stipulated guidelines while designing and installing all the play equipment. They are installed after passing necessary quality checks.

How to prevent slips and accidents during the rainy season?

It is natural for playground equipment to become slippery in the rainy season. There is no way to prevent that. However, with caution and extra care, accidents can be prevented.

Is our playground equipment safe for toddlers?

Yes, we offer age-appropriate play equipment. Our toddler-friendly equipment fulfils the safety measures and keeps your kids absolutely safe while free play.

Are Saltire play equipment suitable for disabled children?

While keeping the special needs of disabled children, we design all our playground equipment. We promote inclusiveness through our playground material.

Is Saltire's playground equipment safe?

They are absolutely safe with proper installation and appropriate safety surfaces. Our installers are fully trained and follow all the safety measures.

How do our custom playgrounds ensure better safety?

We thoroughly consider the space and location to design a balanced playground with active and passive spaces. We ensure proper spacing between various equipment and play areas.

How long does it take to install playground equipment?

It depends on the location, choice of equipment and site preparation. Our equipment can easily be installed without much hassle.

Why is maintenance important for playground equipment?

It is very important. Properly maintained playgrounds ensure children's safety and sustainability of the equipment.

Do repair and maintenance enhance the play experience?

Timely maintenance will ensure a seamless experience. Free play is important for children's growth. A safe playing environment will allow the kids to learn and socialize.

What are some good ways to protect playgrounds and equipment?

You can protect your investment by choosing good quality equipment, safety surfacing, shade structures, site amenities and development.

How can proper maintenance prevent injuries?

Timely repairs are essential to eliminate the potential risk factors. It is important to inspect the property for damages. Proper maintenance can reduce accidents and injuries.

Is annual inspection helpful?

Yes, it serves the purpose completely. It acts as a link between the user and us, allowing us to ensure the safety of the equipment and a great experience.

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