Dog Agility Training and the Training equipment needed for the training


Watching your dog glide through various agility equipment can be fascinating. It’s not only eye-pleasing but has multiple benefits for your dog. As a dog parent or trainer, you are responsible for providing them with the necessary movement and mental stimulation. Dog agility training can be just the way to do it.

Dog agility is a popular dog sport where your dog passes a set of obstacles within a short period. In such contests, you must have seen dogs passing hurdles, crossing tunnels, and climbing small structures. Such dogs are well disciplined, active, and above all, happier. Dog agility not only makes your dog happier but also strengthens your bond, makes your dog healthier, and helps overcome anxiety.

Can your dog get agility training?

Why not! There are many dog agility equipment that can serve the purpose. Agility courses constitute several obstacles. These fun hurdles are a great way to engage your dogs in something that they will absolutely love. You can go for agility trials and see how your dog responds to them. Once you are sure that dog agility is something you and your dog both enjoy, you can consider the following dog agility equipment to set up your agility courses.

Equipment Needed for the Dog Agility Training

The agility equipment comes in different sizes and serves diverse purposes. If you wish to set up backyard agility training, the following equipment can make it all fun.

Weave Poles

One of the most popular agility equipment- weave poles, is easy to assemble and can be modified per requirements. It comes in various sizes and can be transported easily due to its convenient dissembling. You can increase the number of poles as your dog starts to enjoy the training with weave poles.

Dog Walks

With a flat middle section and ramps on either side, dog walks are widely liked as agility equipment. It allows you to set height per your liking and your dog's comfort. You can easily set this up with instructions and make agility training a fun activity for your dog.


An A-frame is perfect agility equipment for your dog to overcome climbing fear and phobia. It has two narrow ramps hinged at the middle creating a narrow peak. When paired with other agility equipment, the A-frame makes an interesting part of the agility course.

Open Tunnels

The open tunnels are curved or straight pathways that can easily be set for effective dog agility training. It is fun equipment that provides your dog with the required physical exercise and gives them a chance to showcase intelligence. The curved tunnels are particularly interesting because the dog cannot see the exit and overcomes fear when they find the other end.

Seesaw or Teeter

It is similar to what you see at a playground. This dog agility equipment is particularly challenging because it requires balance to make it to the other end. The brief challenge your dog feels improves its reflexes and agility.

Tire-jump Ring

This agility equipment is a donut-shaped ring suspended over a hurdle bar. The ring's height is adjustable, making it ideal agility equipment for every dog breed. It makes great training equipment when used as a part of an agility training course.

Interesting, isn’t it?

All the agility equipment seems so much fun, and we are sure you must have already imagined what you can do with your dog with such amazing agility equipment. Who doesn’t want a happier dog? Take a look at how dog agility can make your dog happier.

Benefits of Agility for Dogs

Agility training comes with multiple benefits. Here we have listed a few of them:

  • Great way to channel energy
  • Boosts your dog’s confidence
  • Develop self-control
  • Helps your dog avoid distractions
  • Enhances your dog’s instincts

As a handler or dog parent, you also benefit from agility training. You can nurture a trusting bond with your dog and win a lifelong friendship. It’s almost magical how you two build mutual trust and accomplish little yet significant tasks.

Confused about how to get started?

A great way to get started is to get some amazing dog agility equipment and set up courses that can truly bring the best out of your dog. As a tog trainer or dog parent, you require trusted equipment that promises 100% safety and fun. The saltire is the name you can trust to set up a trusted dog agility course. Get in touch today to know about our premium dog agility equipment.

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