Playground accidents and ways to avoid the hazard

Playgrounds are a place not only for fun and exciting activities but also to transform children’s mental abilities and help develop other vital skills such as communication, agility, team-working and creativity. Apart from that, the playground is also a place that allows kids to use their physical strength and awareness in different ways. Challenges in playgrounds also allow them to make new friends. However, at the same time, such places expose them to different types of risks. One such risk is getting into Playground accidents which can be hazardous.

Though such events are common, it deeply affects people of all ages, especially teenagers, and can be dangerous. In fact, according to one report, almost 2,00,000 children between the age of 14 and younger meet with some degree of playground accidents.

Forms of Playground Accidents

Injuries such as bruises and cuts often occur and are easily curable. However, some require a doctor’s care. This include,

  • Fracture;
  • Sprains in the muscles;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Dislocations of joints;
  • Brain injury;

Causes of Playground Accidents

The causes behind such hazards include,


Falling is a basic physical hazard. However, it takes a serious turn if one falls from the equipment. The reason behind this is slipping while walking or running and losing their balance while climbing bars or enjoying swings and seesaws.

A strike from the playground equipment is another reason. In the moment of defence, children usually fall in a way that causes fractures. However, falling at any position can go from minor to serious and such times require surgical treatments.


Sliding is another primary reason. A shinbone fracture is a mishap that happens due to a sliding accident. Toddlers often enjoy slides under the supervision of an adult. But if there is no supervision around, the leg becomes stuck in the fall, resulting in the twist.

The excitement after seeing the climbs, bars, seesaws, rides, and slides is normal. However, climbing too fast results in minor scratches and bruises. Unfortunately, not all playground accidents occur due to a child’s negligence. The following acts are also the cause of playground hazards:

  • Improper or poorly maintained equipment;
  • Poor maintenance of the playground area; or
  • Lack of supervision from adults;

These are the possible causes of playground hazards.

Ways to Avoid Playground Hazards

Slight negligence leads to mishaps. Apart from that, malfunctioned or poor maintenance is equally risky. Let’s look at some ways to avoid or minimize accidents.


Close supervision by adults can prevent accidents or at least will help reduce them. Equipment appropriate that is age suitable is present, and carefully designed layouts won’t suffice in preventing every kind of accident. Adults’ presence will be a game-changer.

Instructing children on proper usage as well as adhering to rules is also vital.
Parents, teachers, or anyone present with children should inspect properly. In any severity or mishap, adults should report to the officials. When it comes to damaged equipment, adults should restrict children’s movement and inform authorities.

Attention to three key elements minimizes the possibilities of accidents. These are,

  • Surface;
  • Structure;
  • Installation and maintenance.


Surfaces or covers reduce critical scenarios. Installing soft covers, such as wood mulch or chips, and avoiding installing hard covers, such as concrete or asphalt, will be a big difference maker from a safety standpoint.


An ideal structured playground enhances children’s mental capabilities by dealing with obstacles and builds physical prowess by including activities like running, sliding, throwing,
and catching.

Installation and maintenance

Recreational parks must ensure that their equipment is in good shape and inspection properly maintained throughout the year. The manufacturer’s instructions for installation and spacing should be followed carefully.

Last Thought

Accidents can happen to anyone. While minor scratches or scars are forgettable, it is challenging to ignore significant hazards. Keeping in mind the smallest of details can reduce major issues.

Kids’ safety is essential for a parent. Through our playgrounds, we assure the safety and security of your children’s life. Our commitment is to provide happiness and safety. Welcome to Saltire Playgrounds. For more information contact us.

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